Friday, December 21, 2007

And yeah, everybody gets to b a fool,
There's no breaking that rule.


After a long time, when you have taken a break from things, and you get back to it, the feeling is just ecstatic. Its the same feeling, no matter what the thing was, you were engaged in, be it writing, reading, eating, drinking or just sleeping.
The point is that you when you stop doing something you enjoy, you start missing it after a while. So no matter what be it, it just proves you enjoyed doing it and you want to be doing it till you get bored. Today is one such day.
I have not been consuming much the last few days apart from 'mausambis' and 'chaklis' for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A stray from the normal routine, a walk in the 'different' park makes me happy.
Well, what say. Green is the colur.
Today, I mean right now made me realize quite a few things namely...

1. The earth is round.
2. England is still ruled by the Queen.
3. IIT mosquitoes are male.
4. Iron Maiden is no torture.
5. I can run 5 rounds around sac when i am drunk even.
6. I have an obnoxiously big lock but I seldom lock my room.
7. Gujju's must be killed.(Most of them don't drink but those who do waste it!! x-( )
8. Diamond is not gay.
9. Sean Connery is not the first James Bond.
10. I don't know what I am writing.
11. I am a total idiot in life.

Well, all those things apart, what is really amazing is that it is the small things that make up your life. It may be a 'simple hi' or 'you drunk retard' or 'bewda basun' or 'don't eat out too much' or 'the prospect of getting cake' despite being fully filled to the brim. It is for small things you crave for and yet you can never get them so easily. The God of Small things is not kind enough. He (I personally think its she, 'coz a he can't be so evil). Its all we yearn for. This is what is life. I love the fact that I am living.

Eight days a week it is I wish for!

Whats the name all about?

I feel bad that I have started blogging late in life. The only reason for that is because, for once i thought a name for myself for whatever intellect I want to spread to the world and it is not available to me. The world is unfair. Blah! :P

Well, nine is a gay number and I have no special affection for it more that I have for vegetarian food. So please bear with me. Eight was unavailable. Damn you bloody Texan with a lone sorry and idiotic post.

You stole my space, my thunder.

First post!

Haha.. this is my first post on this blog page.

I created this blog because I am slightly drunk right now and i don't have anyone else to trouble. So all the idle people of the world who have nothing better to do but to sit and read this column(whenever that is), 'May God bless you! I am Satan. The world is still round.'

Off with my head now.... keep watching this space if you are not bored enough by boring yourself with the ramblings of an absolute(i mean 100%) insane git.